Fantastic fundraising from Special Olympics Suffolk athletes, Chloe and Jack.

Over 3 days, in our 23m back garden, Chloe and Jack (along with mum) walked and ran 35km whilst completing several fun elements.  They had to complete a 10KM fun run, a 5km night walk with glow sticks, a 5km water walk – Chloe did this whilst Jack sprayed us with hoses and threw wet sponges at us! A 5KM paint run in which we were painted as we walked/ran in a variety of bright colours all over us.  A 5 km fit run which consisted of exercises and running through tyres – this also had a bit of audience participation as we had a facebook live feed and we completed the exercises that the viewers were asking us to do! Finally we did a 5km wobbly walk doing laps on our trampoline! 

The weather was very kind to us, and Chloe and Jack really enjoyed it.  Chloe enjoyed the water run most and Jack enjoyed the fit run.  It was really motivating to be able to have the encouragement of viewers on facebook – some members and coaches from their gym club were watching which was brilliant.  They were amazed to find out that they had raised over £1000 in total which was split between raising money for them, along with the Eastern Region Gymnastics team, to attend the Special Olympic National Games in Liverpool and also to fund activities for residents at a local Care Home Squirrel Lodge in Pakefield. 

The final figures for the weekend meant that each charity received £ 476.67.

Jucy J

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