Lee Valley Competition Report

Ten athletes from Special Olympics Suffolk (SOS) competed in the Greater London Special Olympics Indoor Athletics Competition at Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Arena on Sunday 29th October. Although this is the third time for most of the athletes, for three athletes Gavin, Sean and Ben this was a first. With competitors from across the south of England the standard of competition was very high. To their credit the SOS athletes came away with 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. In addition, with four 4th place finishes narrowly missing out on the medals, the trip to Lee Valley was very successful with the athletes, team managers, parents and supporters having a very productive and enjoyable day

As is standard for Special Olympics competition the athletes competed in divisions appropriate to their declared entry performances. With respect to individual performances Paul was 4th in the 60m and 8th in the Shot, Oliver came 4th in the Long Jump and 5th in the 60m, Jordan 1st in the 60m and 2nd in the Standing Long Jump, Hamish 5th in the 60m and 7th in the Shot, Montell 1st in the 60m and 4th in the Shot, Gavin 2nd in the Shot and 2nd in the Standing Long Jump, Sean 5th in the 60m and 6th in the Standing Long Jump, Ben 2nd in the 200m and 2nd in the Shot, Oli 3rd in the 200m and 3rd in the 400m and Adam 1st in the 60m and 4th in the 200m. In the non-scoring relays SOS was represented by Hamish, Montell, Paul, Jordan, Gavin and Sean in the 6 x 60m and by Oliver, Ben, Adam and Oli in the 4 x 200m

This was an excellent finish to the 2017 Track & Field season for our SOS athletes, with the highlight for most of them being taking part for the first time in the Special Olympics Great Britain National Summer Games in Sheffield. Now it’s down to winter training and getting ready for the 2018 season

Results for Special Olympics Suffolk (SOS) Athletes

Name                                  Event                            Performance             Position

Paul Mitchell                       60m                                     13.40                             4

Paul Mitchell                       Shot                                     3.75                                8

Oliver Carton                      200m                                   37.60                              5

Oliver Carton                  Long Jump                             2.66                                 4

Jordan Rednall                   60m                                     9.69                                  1

Jordan Rednall            Standing Long Jump               1.73                                  2

Hamish Crawford              60m                                     25.74                                5

Hamish Crawford              Shot                                    2.18                                   7

Montell Leslie                     60m                                    11.30                                 1

Montell Leslie                     Shot                                    8.92                                   4

Gavin Hamilton                  Shot                                    5.28                                   2

Gavin Hamilton         Standing Long Jump                1.42                                   2

Sean Brown                        60m                                     13.35                                 5

Sean Brown                Standing Long Jump                 0.80                                   6

Ben Brown                             200m                                 36.94                                 2

Ben Brown                             Shot                                   6.02                                   2

Oli Minns                                200m                                26.88                                  3

Oli Minns                                400                                    64.91                                  3

Adam Szucs                           60m                                   8.00                                     1

Adam Szucs                           200m                                27.41                                    4

In the non-scoring relays SOS was represented by Hamish, Montell, Paul, Jordan, Gavin and Sean in the 6 x 60m – also Oliver Carton, Ben Brown, Adam Szucs and Oli Minns represented SOS in the 4 x 200m

Congratulations to all athletes on their results. 


Waveney Gymnastics Competition

A big well done to all our athletes who competed on Sunday – Emily, Grace, Benjamin, Simon, Jason, Rudi and Jack.

The Disability Waveney Open competition was held last sunday 29th October 2017 at Waveney Gymnastics Club. This competition took place after a 3 day training camp for the gymnasts and coaches to attend to practice routines and learn new skills. The competition was a great success with smiles all round from the athletes. All our athletes who competed showed great sprint with clean, precise routines. Medals were presented for individual apparatus as well as all-round. Without the support of the judges, officials, coaches and parents this event would not have been possible, so a massive thanks needs to go these individuals.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who took part. You all did so well.